Chevrolet logo redesign proposal

The new logo tries to better reflect the ideals on which the brand is based: innovation, safety, quality and environmental protection. The logo is more modern, the font used expresses quality and innovation, while the renewed form shows more stability and security. The two arrows placed on the sides not only want to recall the shape of the old logo to preserve the strength and continuity of the brand, but represent an idea of ​​"recycling", intended as recovery and reuse of energy, one of the strengths of the brand in the last few years.


After a research about the brand itself, we move to the research for solutions adopted by the major competitors in the sector. It's a practice that we apply to any type of design.

Starting from the study of the old logo, we begin to redesign it, thinking about how to better communicate the values ​​of the brand. The new solution must be compact and long-lasting, regardless of the design trends of the moment. The focal point therefore becomes being able to communicate the brand identity in a simple and adaptable way to any support on which the logo will be placed (in this case we are not only talking about cars, but also the website and the various online and paper advertisements).

Geometry and proportions are very important, so we start designing with the help of different types of grids and guides, thinking of the font that best suits the situation and finally developing and testing a color palette (in this case I opted for an elegant color , which communicates in the best way the technological development values ​​related to the brand, but also a neutral color, to make the logo versatile, since it will be placed on very different platforms).