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Often, when talking to a customer, he does not have the perception of the usefulness of the website he asks for, but he simply wants it to be on par with his competitors who have it.
Yet the website is not only a fast way to find the company’s telephone number but it’s the main part of the online communication campaign (which is now the most used channel), for this reason large companies spend very high amounts on a good website.
So how do I calculate the revenue I will get from my website?
Although there are professionals (more or less reliable) who know how to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) for websites and social campaigns, the factors that come into play are many and it’s difficult to determine precise figures. It all depends on how much you can increase your visibility and use it to give value to your brand in a world where competition is fierce.
The cost of a website is very variable and usually increases a lot when turning to famous and reliable agencies. This is because a large company can earn (or lose!) Much more since it has much larger market volumes than the store under the house.
How do I choose who to trust for the creation of my website?
Relying on capable people (even at a slightly higher cost) is fundamental, otherwise you go towards a useless investment, which can even make the brand lose value.

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I’ve created a list of main types of websites and their price ranges:

Showcase Website with Base Theme: from € 350 to € 1500
They are websites with few pages where there are graphic structures ready to minimize development times and therefore costs. These themes can still be modified according to customer needs, but they are nevertheless projects for restricted realities that do not have great competition and focus on local promotion (e.g. small shops, pizzerias, etc.)

Showcase Site with Big Theme: from € 700 to € 3000
In WordPress, the big themes are themes that keep extreme customizations (BeTheme, Avada, Divi, etc.). They are more expensive but also more reliable. In most cases a good amount of customization is needed to align the product to the customer’s expectation.

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Showcase Website with Custom Theme: from € 1000 up
A custom theme is a theme created completely ad hoc for the customer. This means having a graphic that totally reflects your brand (because it was created from scratch), which also means a user experience made especially for visitors (and it is very important!), As well as having a totally customized site structure for the customer (essential if they have a lot of content to categorize).
Costs are highly variable based on the graphic solutions and customizations regarding the site structure and the management control panel.

E-commerce website with basic theme: from € 600 to € 5000
The costs of an e-commerce site are generally higher but also more diverse, a second one above all in the quantity of products to be included

E-commerce site with a great theme: from € 1000 to € 6000

E-commerce website with personalized theme: from € 3000 up

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