Web Design and User Experience

The design (and no exception that of websites), must be subordinated to the user experience: this must be as fluid and intuitive as possible, in order to allow the user to find the information he needs. For this reason the majority of websites are similar to others, at least in some standard components, such as the navigation bar at the top of the desktop or the “hamburger” icon that opens the menu on mobile.
The UX (User Experience) design goes hand in hand with the graphical interface design (User Interface Design), not only because it materializes through it, but also because in many ways it follows the same principles of visual communication: we try to arrange the elements so that the most important information first catches sight of the others.
Although, as mentioned before, there are some similar elements in websites (as in most products) each one is different in its own way because it must reflect the brand and meet the needs of different users.
In this sense, before creating a site, there is a study of competitors and “buyer personas”, that is, of typical customers and their habits.
A good User Experience is essential to build customer loyalty and why they perform the actions we want once they arrive on the site (e.g. buy a product or contact us). For this reason, every communication agency should have a UX Designer, while a freelance Web Designer should have at least knowledge of UX Design.


Not only the graphics are important, but also the animations: through them it gives a sense of dynamism, it gives the user an immediate feeling that his actions are recognized and interpreted.
Animations are also very useful for capturing attention on a specific point on the page.
The animations are accompanied by the click or hover effects on the elements, which allow you to show or hide parts of the page that would take up too much space if shown entirely from the beginning (especially on mobile) or would risk distracting the user from the most important elements.

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