About me

I am Nicola Morelli,
I deal with the creation of quality websites for every type of company and price range.
The creation of a professional SEO website is very important, because the visibility in the first Google page allows potential customers to view the site. This must be accompanied by an excellent creation of the website, which guarantees the right experience for its users. The website is the main communication tool of your brand identity, therefore it must be considered as a profitable investment for your company, this is true both in the case of ecommerce, where it represents a direct sales method, and in the case of a showcase site, which is an essential communication tool.
My graphic training also allows me to create the main visual components of the brand identity, such as logos and product packages. The logo is the basis of all the company's communication, it must communicate the identity and values ​​of the company through a small and simple symbol: the most famous brands have a simple but significant and impactful logo at the base. > My training in this sector passes through the Modartech Institute of Pontedera, where I followed an annual course in Web Design and Graphic Design. After school I continued as a self-taught following some courses from thefutur.com site. Animations: through them it gives a sense of dynamism, it gives the user an immediate feeling that his actions are recognized and interpreted. Animations are also very useful for capturing attention on a specific point on the page. The animations are accompanied by the click or hover effects on the elements, which allow you to show or hide parts of the page that would take up too much space if shown entirely from the beginning (especially on mobile) or would risk distracting the user from the most important elements.

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